Encountering with the Other

Euphémé encourages linguistic kindness towards migrants and promotes<br>a respectful welcome of their languages and cultures for better integration.
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Eupheme Multilingual Dialogue Cards

• Large dialogue cards in colour, printed back to back which can be cut into 6 small cards for more user-friendly use.
• 4 sides per language. Each side represents a thematic tree: tree of presentation, tree of needs, tree of relationship, tree of rights and duties.
• Each card is translated into 9 languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Greek, Dutch, Greek, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish.
• They are stored in a pocket containing a 52-page educational booklet, in 4 languages: French, English, Dutch, Greek.

Size of the cards: 245 x 285 mm.

Pratical information: suitable for adults and young adults over the age of 18.

To obtain the cards, request them by filling out our online form or go to one of our partners or attend one of our in-person events where copies will be available. Don’t forget that the cards and the booklet can also be downloaded from our site.

Our Project

Euphémé is a Erasmus program inviting people to show linguistic kindness towards migrants. This program promotes an intercultural approach and offers dialogue cards in some of the migrant languages ​​in order to welcome people with the respect and dignity of their languages ​​and cultures. Thus legitimized in their cultural and linguistic identity, people will be more able to open up to the languages ​​and cultures of their host countries.

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Our Booklet

The educational booklet, which is downloadable in several languages, explains the Euphémé approach, the symbolic choice of the trees on the cards and how to discuss the themes covered.

Our Cards

The dialogue cards, which are downloadable and printable, must be chosen according to the language of each interlocutor or any common language to respect the linguistic specificities of each person.

Our Partners

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