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The Partners in the Eupheme project

About us

Led by the publisher Migrilude in France, Euphémé has been carried out in partnership with the Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Multilingualism (APAM) in France, the Welcome Home International Association in Belgium, We Need Books in Greece..

Eupheme - Partners
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Migrilude is an independent French publishing house that promotes linguistic diversity through multilingual publications, multilingualism training and artistic and linguistic mediation workshops (multilingual writing workshops, creation of tailor-made tools for institutions).


The Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Multilingualism (APAM), also known as Multilingual Café is a non-profit association under the 1901 French law. APAM is training and counseling on the topic of “Growing and living with several languages”. We work on the promotion of all the languages to help a “better living together in harmony”, we defend the right of the use of the mother tongue to get access to education and what we need (Article 30 of the Convention of Children’s right – November 1989).
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Welcome Home International

Welcome Home International ASBL is a small NGO that was founded in March 2018. We focus on the integration of migrants and refugees into the society in which they live and in the mutual understanding of the needs, culture and values of the local communities as well as those of the migrants and refugees.
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We Need Books

We Need Books is Athens’ first multilingual library, a welcoming and inclusive space with books in 38 languages. Besides being a reading and lending library, it is also a community centre which addresses the cultural, educational and social needs of the local population through classes, activities and events.
Eupheme French Cards - Case Cover

The Eupheme Multilingual Dialogue Cards

Multilingual Dialogue Cards and the pedagogical booklet, facilitating intercultural communication in various themes and available in nine different languages.